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We help clients better understand and leverage new technologies like IoT, Cloud and Big Data to achieve their business goals.

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We have 10 years of experience in building Internet products and services and helping companies adopt Internet technologies in their business.


We help you understand new Internet technologies like IoT, Cloud and Big Data and how they can improve your business and allow you to explore new opportunities.

We discuss all stages of the adoption process from planning, through implementation to promotion of improvements.


Together we select areas for improvement in your current processes and technologies.

We build a “lean” roadmap comprised of small steps, which allow us to reduce risk and costs. For each step we estimate the budget, delivery time and expected business benefits.


We build tailored solutions ranging from large cloud platforms to embedded devices.

We employ agile development allowing early delivery and continuous improvement.

We rely on established, future-proof Internet technologies deployed on Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure or client’s own servers.


We assist in easing the adoption inside and outside your organization.

We help you promote the advantages of new solutions and technologies to teams and management.

We advise your marketing and sales on a strategy for how to better communicate the added value to your clients.

Featured Projects /

Eurosys provides an innovative IT solution-as-a-service for remote monitoring and control of District Heating Substations for public and private buildings.

HutGrip is a cloud based platform that helps equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers to predict and prevent production downtime caused by equipment failure.

1Box is a controller with integrated IP stack based on ESP8266 WiFi module. It has two relays, 1-Wire, RS485 and, of course, WiFi.

Adest offers a broad range of automated solutions including accounts payable invoice processing, accounts receivable automation and full P2P.

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